The densimetric system is used to separate seeds according to their specific weight.

Seeds cleaning

Operating principle

The product is fed through a dosing unit into the tilt table separation system; through the upward movement of the air, the product creates a floating cushion, is divided according to its specific weight and exits as a fraction.



1. Product inlet

2. Stone outlet

3. Heavy product outlet

4. Intermediate product outlet

5. Intermediate product outlet

6. Light product outlet

7. Air outlet


  • Tubular supporting frame with reinforcement profiles
  • Casing in press-formed metal
  • Product discharge boxes with aspiration
  • Vibrating plate in carbon steel with mesh sieve


  • Product regulation feed hopper, complete with flow regulation deflector, regulated by a traction spring
  • System control vibrator, complete with vibration transmission shaft, with adjustable plate housing motor-driven vibrator.
  • The table holding the product acts differently depending on the inclination of the motor-driven vibrator.
  • The vibrations cause the heavier parts to rise, and depending on how the machine is configured, these can be conveyed to a single outlet
  • Side regulator, allows table inclination to be slowed
  • Front regulator, allows table inclination to be slowed
  • Manual regulations, which contain vertical guiding blades, allowing the different types of product fractions to be channelled, from heavy to light. These are blocked once the exact positioning has been identified.
  • Product discharge hoppers 2-3-4-5 to convey product or product fractions for various uses
  • Aspiration inlet complete with anti-vibration bellows and tubular fan support


Production 1.5 t/h calculated with wheat RH 14%, specific product weight 0.78 t/m3

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