PSC Cleaner

PSC Cleaner, sieve inlet

PSC Cleaner

PSC Cleaner, movement unit

PSC Cleaner

PSC Cleaner, example installation

PSC Cleaner

PSC Cleaner, example installation

PSC Cleaner

PSC Cleaner

Separates fine, medium and large impurities in the product or calibrates using a double step system. Suitable for seed sorting.

PSC operating principle

Double step cleaning system
The uncleaned product enters by way of gravity.
The counterweight system allows the even distribution of the uncleaned product, which is struck by an air flow that removes the lighter impurities.
The product enters the first sieve compartment, containing perforated sheet metal suited to the type of processing.
The upper sieve removes the larger impurities, the lower sieve separates the finer impurities.
The same processing steps occur in the lower compartment. Before being discharged, the clean product is slowed using decelerators and an air flow removes the lighter impurities.
Heavier impurities are decanted and expelled by an auger, while the lighter impurities are sent to a cyclone or filter.

Video PSC operating principle
Video operating principle

PSC Cleaner


1. Uncleaned product inlet

2. Air inlet

3. Large impurities outlet

4. Fine impurities outlet

    4.1 Fine impurities outlet optional

5. Clean product outlet

6. Air with impurities


  • Box supporting frame made of bolted press-formed metal
  • Casing in press-formed metal
  • Product feed hopper
  • Sieve compartments in carbon steel
  • Aspiration inlet with vertical positioning
  • Air flow regulation dampers
  • Sieves in perforated carbon steel with sieve holders (frame and sieve holder) and natural rubber beads
  • Sieve movement by way of connecting rods


  • Motorised roller distributor
  • Motorised air flow regulation dampers
  • Variable fan speed
  • Wear-resistant sheet
  • Electrical control panel
  • Vertical hopper for large impurities
  • Inclined hopper for large impurities
  • Sup-product collection sector
  • Mounting structure
  • Bag placer


Pre-cleaning capacity from 40 to 60 t/h, cleaning from 20 to 30 t/h and calibration from 6 to 8 t/h. Capacities calculated with wheat, specific weight 0.78 t/m3 - RH 14% Impurities 2%.

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