Mini PRA

Mini PRA, detail of discharge hopper

Mini PRA

Mini PRA, detail of sorting screen

Mini PRA

Mini PRA

Mini PRA

Mini PRA, detail of collection hopper

Mini PRA

Mini PRA

Removes fine impurities in infeed by way of aspiration and separates clean product from broken product and impurities through the rotary drum.

Indispensable for cleaning ground grain. After treatment, the product is cleaner with an improved aspect.

Operating principle

The product enters by way of gravity into a hopper and is evenly distributed across the entire width. The product is then curtain-dropped and struck by a cross-flow of air, which extracts the lightest impurities (decanted by a cyclone). The heavier impurities are deposited in the decanting hopper, equipped with a waste expulsion auger.
The clean product is fed into a cylindrical rotary drum covered with interchangeable screens.
The screen removes fine impurities (sand, broken grain, etc.) and allows the clean product to pass through the perforations, and larger impurities at the end of the drum.
The choice of screen depends on the product and type of waste being separated.

Mini PRA


1 - Uncleaned product inlet

2 - Dust outlet

3 - Impurities outlet

4/5 - Fine impurities outlet

6 - Clean product outlet

7 - Large impurities outlet

Construction - DRUM

  • Drum casing and uprights in press-formed galvanized sheet metal
  • Control and internal maintenance panel, bolted
  • Interchangeable carbon steel screen
  • Manual drum inclination
  • Fixed rotation speed
  • Nylon screen cleaning brushes
  • Feed hopper
  • No. 3 discharge spouts
  • No. 1 large impurity discharge chute

Construction - ASPIRATION

  • Frame and uprights in press-formed "sendzimir" galvanized sheet metal
  • Decanter with manual waste discharge auger
  • Manually regulated deflector for incoming product
  • Intake fan complete with fitting


  • Mount
  • Cyclone
  • Speed variator


Cleaning capacity 1,000 kg/h, calibration capacity 150 kg/h (calculated with wheat, specific weight 0.78 t/m3 - RH 14%).

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